Effective Flea Control: Tips To Eliminate Fleas From Your Home And Yard

Fleas in the home can be really annoying. Not only that, they can multiply rather quickly. This means that by the time you realize there are fleas in your house, they have already spread all over. Experts recommend quick action to flea control before they can create havoc. Fleas are usually 2-4 millimeters long, and you can easily see them. However, it is hard to take care of them if there are too many. That is when you need to call a flea exterminator.

Here are some simple tips to remove fleas in your home and yard.


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Effective Flea Control: Tips To Eliminate Fleas inside home

Generally, pets carry fleas all around and as opposed to bed bugs, which are generally brought in by people. Yet they also drop them in your home. So in order to eliminate fleas, you must follow the steps mentioned.

  • Vacuum the floors, upholstery, and mattresses to remove any infestation present. Cracks and tight spaces are also hiding places for fleas. Use a vacuum that comes with a disposable bag. This means you should not come in contact with them at all.
  • Wash your bedding and that of the pet as well. Use hot water and detergent, and then dry them at a very high setting. If pets are infected, you can also remove their bedding altogether.
  • Steam cleaning the carpets and upholstery would also help. Pay more attention to places where your pet spends the maximum time.
  • You could also use insecticides but with caution. Pick up an insecticide that has an adulticide to kill adult fleas. It should also have an insect growth regulator that can kill the eggs and larvae. Use Aerosol sprays as they can reach areas that are inaccessible otherwise. If you are uncomfortable with insecticides, you should contact flea control Melbourne for assistance.
  • Another simple technique to use is with the help of Baking soda. This is particularly useful for carpets. Just sprinkle some Baking soda on the carpet, scrub it, and vacuum it.
  • You can also use salt the same way as Baking soda. However, you must sprinkle salt here and leave it for two days. Later vacuum everything and get rid of the fleas.
  • The lemon spray is acidic enough to give you the desired results. First, cut a slice of lemon and place it in a pan. Add boiling water to it, and then let it sit overnight. In the morning, transfer this liquid to a spray bottle. Spray in small amounts at the infested area.
  • Fleas are repelled with Rosemary smell, so this technique is definitely going to work. Boil some rosemary in a pan and let it cool for the night. Drain it into a spray bottle and remove any sprigs left. If your pet has fleas, you can sprinkle the spray, and the fleas will be removed.


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Effective Flea Control: Tips To Eliminate Fleas in the yard

Fleas usually love warm, shaded, and humid areas. Your yard provides loads of places like that. If you do not pay attention, the infestation will spread and become difficult to handle. If you notice any fleas in the yard, the following tips should help:

  • Mow the lawn at regular intervals and rake the surfaces that are exposed. Discard the contents instead of adding them to the compost pile.
  • Remove debris like dead twigs and leaves from flower beds and other areas. Add sulphur, as fleas really hate that smell.
  • Stop overwatering that area, as that is one reason why the fleas spread. You can also ask the nearby gardening stores for nematodes. These are tiny worms that feed on insect larvae. Typically the nematodes are present in the soil. Though they impact the fleas, they will not harm bees and other aquatic animals.
  • If there are animals like opossums, squirrels, etc., on your property, they could spread the fleas. It is better to evict them to contain any infestation. Even a flea treatment Melbourne company would suggest these steps.
  • Place flea-repelling plants as that would keep the fleas away from your hard. These plants have oils, compounds, and other ingredients that the fleas cannot tolerate. Some of the plants that fall in this category are Lavender, spearmint, Penny Royal, and Chrysanthemums.
  • Diatomaceous earth is the microscopic remain of fossilized algae. Since it comes as a very fine powder, it does not impact the humans around. Sprinkle on the area infested and leave it for two days, and then you can vacuum it. You will have to wear gloves while handling Diatomaceous earth.
  • Add cedar to the mulch, as the fleas cannot handle cedar. You could place it more at places where the pets spend maximum time. Or create a mulch barrier around the play area and patio.
  • Increase the amount of sunshine received. Fleas do not thrive in sunny areas. If your yard is getting lots of shade, try pruning some treas. Once the sun starts coming, it would be tough for fleas to sustain.
  • Boric acid is another ingredient that you could use to tackle fleas. However, it could be toxic to plants, so you must use it carefully. For best results, you will have to use it frequently. It is usually available in powder form, so you can quickly sprinkle it around.
  • Neem oil is available as a commercial product and can be used to clear fleas. But it may be toxic for aquatic animals. Also, the results you receive from it are temporary. If these do not work, you can call a flea pest control Melbourne company for help.

Summing up 

Taking care of your home is crucial, as any small error can be risky. If there are fleas in your house, you need to call a flea exterminator Melbourne soon. They have all the tools and equipment necessary to remove fleas from your home and the surrounding areas. Plus, they would also guide you to ensure the chances of flea infestations reduce in the future also. With their assistance, you can relax while the cleaning staff rids your home of these unwanted elements. 

You can successfully eliminate fleas and other pest infections and enjoy a comfortable and hygienic home. Handling fleas on your own could be risky; hence the sooner you can contact them, the better it is.


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