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Our homes are supposed to be safe havens where nothing can penetrate or disturb our lives. Yet sometimes, untoward elements can create havoc. Unfortunately, birds can also come into the category of trouble mongers. Otherwise, peaceful creatures, once upset, can mess up everything at your home.

When that happens, you are left with no option but to eliminate the threat. Bird pest control, however, takes time and patience. Here are some ways to control the bird’s menace at your end.

Remove Any Feeding And Watering Sources.

Pest birds come to your home because they are finding a source of food or water. You have to identify the source and eradicate it. Once the birds notice they cannot feed here, they will look for another home. Clean all the gutters around you so there is no standing water.

Avoid spreading any bread crumbs as that becomes an attraction for the birds. Keeping the garbage bin covered is also critical as they could just spill the contents and cause problems.

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Eliminate The Roosting Places.

Sometimes birds discover places to sit and spend their time. If there are any such trees or branches coming close to your home terrace, remove them. Prune any plants that are attracting the birds. House sparrows find heavy bushes attractive, so by trimming them, you can control the birds as well.

For bird removal from roof, you can place spikes and thorns at ledges. This would act as an obstruction, and the birds would avoid coming to your home. Attach a nylon or plastic net at the rafters so the birds can’t make way. Find out the familiar roosting places for the birds troubling you and work accordingly.


Nest Removal

Bird nest removal is another tactic that you can adopt. Just look around if there are any bird nests that could be the source of trouble. Remove them when the birds are not around. Every bird has a different type of nest. So, if a specific bird is troubling you, find out what their nest should look like. Next, remove that systematically, ensuring that every twig is thrown away.


Bird Nest Removal, Melbourne pest control

If you block their nesting areas, the birds will fly away and find some other home. Close any openings like vents or lofts, as birds generally do not need much space to enter.

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Using Non-Toxic Repellent

You could also use non-toxic, sticky repellent to ward away those pest birds. These you can place on ledges as the birds have a tendency first to settle there. However, remember that the repellents need to be replenished. If you notice signs of wearing off, add a coat once again. Though the method is largely successful, it is limited to specific breeds only. You cannot expect a repellent to work on a species that tends to hide in the shrubs.

Hunting or Trapping

Though it is not easy, you can certainly trap the pest birds. You will find a variety of traps like funnel traps, spring-loaded traps, etc. The birds that you trap cannot be later released elsewhere. This is because the pest birds can come back from a distance of 50 miles. In some states, it is illegal to release pest bird species into the wild.

 You will have to check the local permits to know what the rules are. Find out a bird pest control Melbourne company that can do all the dirty work for you.

Use Fake Predators

Another helpful idea to keep the pest birds away is placing decoy predators. You can easily find cheap plastic animal decoys which would look real. The birds get spooked and stay away from such areas. Opt for snakes, owls, and coyotes, as they are naturally bird predators.

Start with setting up one or two of the same. Then rotate them and replace them with new ones every two weeks. This would keep the birds on the edge all the time. Remember, the birds are clever, and they might just understand your ploy.

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Hanging Shiny Items Around The House

Birds get scared of reflective items, and if they are regularly troubling you, then you can consider this technique. Cut down shiny strips of aluminum foil and hang them from trees. Punch holes in disposable cans or hang shining CDs as they can also prove to be deterrents.

However, these objects must have enough space to move around. When they flash their light around, the birds would automatically get scared. Bird removal Melbourne pest control companies are adept at handling such kinds of jobs efficiently.

Create Loud Noises

Birds are soft-hearted and get scared by even the slightest bit of noise. If you see a bird spending too much time in your area, create some sort of noise that would spook it. Play loud music and keep the windows open. You could also play the sound of birds’ distress calls to scare these pests off. However, these sounds could scare your neighbors as well.

Before attempting anything, ensure that you ask the neighbors for permission. There are a lot of distress call recordings online, so you should not face any problem with that.

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Send Your Pet Outside.

If you have a pet, then spend some time outside with him. The presence of the pet is enough to keep the birds away. Sheepdogs and border collies are just some of the breeds that love chasing those pesky birds away. However, if you have a pet cat, then do not send her without a leash.

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Set A Scarecrow

You can also set up a scarecrow if there are too many birds near your home. Shift its position every now and then for the best impact. Buy a premade one from the local shop. Or you can create one by using old clothes and pieces of wood. Change the clothes of the scarecrow every two weeks so that the birds do not get used to it. Again like fake decoys, birds might just understand your tactic. Make sure you are changing the location of the scarecrow whenever required. Contacting bird nest removal Melbourne Services for assistance in this regard.

Summing Up

Birds can disturb the peace of your life unless you control them. Use the above methods to eliminate their presence from your home. If nothing works, it is wise to find Bird Control Melbourne services for your assistance. They would check all the places where the birds could be resting. Plus, they would use effective methods to ensure they are gone.

Trusting a reliable service provider would be a great help. Check the online reviews of the service provider and see if they have done the bird pest removal before assigning them the job.

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