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Possum Management

Our friendly technicians for Possum Control have extensive knowledge in managing possums and have been doing so for years.
Our expert technicians use humane methods to eradicate unwanted possums, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that guarantees no possums for 2 years!

Once you contact us, we’ll send a technician straight to your home. As the possums come out of the roof cavity or other parts of your property, our team will catch them, transport them, and then remove them from your property-all for a single fixed price!

Whether you have a possum problem in the roof cavity of your home, crawl space or commercial property, our experts will find the intruder and remove it from your building so it cannot return to cause any more problems.

 If a possum problem is originating from within the house or an area which is not accessible to our technicians, then we may need to send in a qualified home inspector for a free, no obligation home inspection so that the exact location of the possum entry points can be identified and sealed off before any further damage occurs.

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Our technicians understand exactly what is needed to handle your possum problem in a humane manner and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Specialised Possum Control in Melbourne

• Reliable Possum Services – Our trained possum removal specialists offer a 100% success guarantee, so you can be confident that your home or building will be rat-free for 2 years.
• Removal Guaranteed – We are licensed, insured, and certified by the industry experts who have done the research and are specialists in dealing with possums. That’s right, you have our word that we’ll get your possums under control – we guarantee it!
• Humane Possum Management – We know the importance of being humane when removing possums from your home or property and only use non-lethal methods where possible.